Our services have received high praise from our happy families. Their feedback speaks volumes about the quality of our puppies.

~Lisa, mom to Beru (now Mabel)

Amy and family do the little things with their puppies that pay huge dividends as they transition to their forever homes and become family dogs. Our experience was amazing and the amount of compliments we get on the temperament of our dog on a daily basis is crazy. That is all because of the work that they put in prior to our precious Mabel coming to us. We can't say enough about how happy we are with our dog and would recommend Stony Run Puppies to anyone!

~Jennifer, mom to Vader (now Leo)

Stony Run Puppies has been amazing. We got our first family puppy from them. They offered lots of resources, such as tips on training, things for when you bring puppy home, insurance option. Amy FaceTimed and posted videos for us to see all the puppies and learn about them as they grew. Leo (aka Vader) is perfect.

We had a trainer come 3 times. The trainer was amazed at how well behaved and calm he is. He mastered all of the skills we wanted by 5 months including use of our invisible fence. He is social with people and all dogs.

I appreciate how Amy and her family worked with the puppies daily to prepare them for coming home.

~Christina, mom to Padme (now Katara)

Stony Run Puppies is a high quality breeder. I love how they keep you connected from the time the mother is pregnant until time to go home with pictures and posts. I also love how they set high standards for the health of the puppies and make sure if is a good fit for each puppy. In addition they provide resources for the family to get prepared for their puppy.

~Suzanne, mom to R2D2 (now Hygge)

Amy and her family are extremely knowledgeable and were very communicative throughout the puppy adoption process. I loved seeing updates of the puppies’ progress. It was clear that they were being cared for in a safe any healthy environment that also fostered their development and learning.

We most appreciated that Amy exposed the puppies to kennel training prior to their transition to their forever homes. Our puppy (Hygge) is playful, loving, and eager to learn. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Stony Run Puppies.

~Emily, mom to Rey (now Sophie)

We got our sweet, smart, wonderful pup Sophie from Stony Run Puppies in December. We could not have asked for a better adjusted, smarter, more loving pup than our sweet girl. It was clear from the day we picked her up that she was extremely well socialized and was already picking up her potty training!

I also could not be more thankful to Amy for being so responsive to all my questions in the week's leading up to picking up Sophie. I had questions about the coat type, personality of the different pups, questions about care and making the pup comfortable in the first few weeks, and Amy answered all my questions with thorough, thoughtful, and kind answers.

It was clear, too, that the puppies were part of the family and were always interacting with their whole family. These weren't puppies raised out in a kennel by themselves; they were loved and cherished and it made me feel really good about the quality of pup I was going to welcome into my family.

Sophie is now coming up on 8 months old and she is just the best.

~Molly, mom to Amilyn (now Ruby)

We were so pleased with the adoption process of our puppy from Stony Run Puppies! From the initial call and interview with Amy, to the puppy pick visit, through the day we took our sweet girl home, they were knowledgeable, helpful and overall awesome to work with. They helped us make the perfect puppy match based on our family's needs and the puppies personalities, and we felt confident that our dog would remain healthy and have a great temperament, based on the health screening with her parent dogs, early vet visits for shots, and all the neurological stimulation exercises they do with each pup at their home.

The puppy area in their home is very clean with plenty of toys and space for the pups to play and interact.

We are so thankful for all of their good care in getting Ruby ready for her forever home, and can't recommend Stony Run Puppies enough!