The brains behind the madness...

Mike and I (Amy) got married in 2005 in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Having grown up in a family that always had an animal of some kind (dogs, birds, lizards, bunnies), it was inevitable that we, too, would also welcome fur children into our home. 

Our first fur baby, Ginger, was our Basset Hound and was loved immensely for 9 years.  During those 9 years, she helped us welcome our human babies, Jillian and Cooper, into our home.  After a good life of being dressed up in human clothes and playing peek-a-boo with her ears, she left us with a quiet home and a hole in our hearts. 

My sister started breeding Golden Retrievers and Corgis which led us into our next adventure with our next fur baby, Leia, a beautiful, spunky and devoted Golden Retriever. 

We decided to try our hands at joining my sister in her breeding endeavors by breeding our beautiful Leia to share her loving and loyal temperament with others.

As members of Good Dog, we hold ourselves to a high standard, requiring all dogs in our program to be tested for inheritable genetic diseases and assessed for proper structure.  We strive to educate ourselves on best practices in the whelping and rearing process to provide you with the most loving companion possible.

As part of our program, your puppy will be raised using the BAB curriculum during its first 8 weeks, a complete program proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies as they grow! From early neurological stimulation, to nerve strength and confidence building, crate training and leash walking, your puppy will experience neurological and social exercises that will help him develop into a well-rounded furever friend. 

We can't wait to get this party started with Leia and are so very excited to share our love and efforts with you!

Much Love, 
Mike, Amy, Jillian, Cooper & Leia