Pricing & Purchase

~ Medium-Standard Goldendoodle - $2500
~ Golden Retriever - $2900

A refundable reservation fee of $500 will be due 7 days after confirmation of pregnancy, which will be deducted from the total cost of the puppy. This allows us to know who is serious about welcoming one of Stony Run‘s puppies into their home.

As part of our program, your puppy will be raised using the BAB curriculum during its first 8 weeks.  BAB is a complete program proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies as they grow! From early neurological stimulation, to nerve strength and confidence building, crate training and leash walking, your puppy will experience neurological and social exercises that will help him develop into a well-rounded family companion. description


Families are expected to pick up their puppy at our home in the southeastern Pennsylvania area, with travel and accommodations at the expense of the family. Stony Run Puppies will consider driving to meet the new puppy family (within 100 miles of Philadelphia) for an additional fee. We will stay in contact with families after puppy reservation fee is made regarding these options. 

What is included?

~ 2 Year Health Guarantee
~ Veterinary Health Exam with Health Certificate
~ Current on Age-Appropriate Vaccinations & Dewormer
~ Blanket and/or Familiar Toy with Litter and Mom’s Scent
~ Sample Bag of Their Puppy Food
~ Microchip

Puppy Application and Process

If you’re interested in a puppy from Stony Run Puppies, please submit a puppy questionnaire. You’ll be asked to provide information about yourself and what you are looking for so we can help you find the right match.

Please only submit the puppy questionnaire after:

~ You and your entire household have agreed upon a pet.
~ You have read our contract and agree to the terms.
~ Upon approval you are ready, willing and able to place a $500 reservation fee once pregnancy is confirmed, plus a final payment on or before (if paying by check) puppy pick up day.  
~ You and your family understand that a puppy is a life-long commitment.  

Once you apply, we will respond to let you know if you have been approved.  At this point, you will have the opportunity to place your name on Stony Run Puppies’ wait list.  Again, the reservation fee is $500 and will be put towards the total price of your puppy.  Puppies CANNOT be held until this fee is PAID.

Next is the tough part, waiting for your puppy...  I have a hard time waiting, also!  I love all of those little fur babies!  

Please keep in mind that mother nature decides when puppies are made and arrive and we will sometimes miss a heat cycle or have an unsuccessful breeding.  In this event, your name will be moved forward one cycle. We understand the desire to plan ahead and place a reservation early, however, our plans are sometimes altered.  Please keep in mind that all planned litters are approximate and not guaranteed.  

Puppies are picked according to the RESERVATION list.  Once your reservation fee is paid, your spot in line is held.  This means the sooner you place your reservation, the higher on the list you will be.  We reserve the right to keep first pick of all litters. In the event that we choose not to hold a puppy back for our program, the first person on our list will have first pick of the litter.  

Payments can be made via Zelle, cash or check. If paying by check, the check MUST be received 2 weeks prior to pick up day to ensure that the check will clear before puppy homecoming. 

If any of this is at all confusing and you want to talk to a live person, please call me!  Ask for Amy at 484-883-1162.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Submit Puppy Questionnaire Here

Health Guarantee

A health guarantee is provided when you take home your Stony Run puppy.  Since we start with healthy, tested parents, we are able to offer you a health guarantee, stating that in certain circumstances, your puppy will be guaranteed for up to 2 years.  For an example of our guarantee, please click on the link below. 

Health Guarantee